Garden Baskets and “Cups of Love”

Ever struggled to find a gift for someone who has everything?

Flowers are lovely, a simple pot plant is a nice thought.

But when you need a gift that is both personal and unique – our “Basket Gardens” are the perfect way to show that special someone, how much they mean.

Our Basket Gardens are living, breathing mini-gardens to enrich any area of the home.

They are planned and created with the same holistic design and biodiverse planting principles as our Garden Makeovers and our Small-space Gardens.

All basket gardens have a selection of established native and exotic, flowers and plants, herbs and spices, together in a bespoke display basket.

With both “Recovery Garden” and “Edible Garden” designs available, they are the perfect personalised gift for any special occasion (or even for no reason at all).

We can help return the healing and nourishing power of your garden to your home.

Our “Recovery Garden” and “Edible Garden” basket designs are the perfect personalised gift.

Our Edible Garden Baskets include:

Our “Thai Basket Garden”, including chilli plant, coriander, lemon grass and baby chickens – plus a few of our favourite Thai recipes, all perfect for your Thai food loving home cook.

Our BBQ Basket Garden, created for the outdoor meat loving chef, includes parsley, thyme, saltbush, something and something – all presented in a stylish steel brazier.

Our Italian Basket, has all the fresh full of flavour herbs you need for your favourite Spag Bol or homemade pizza, including rosemary, basil, thyme.

Our Recovery Garden Baskets are created to bring the healing power and calming fragrance of therapeutic plants and herbs into the home.

Our “Cups of Love” are perfect alternatives to a simple bunch of flowers.

Specially selected flowering shrubs and presented in beautiful cup and saucers, that have been transformed into beautiful mini-pots

So to enjoy a calming, sensory, Recovery Garden to stimulate the senses and enjoy at the end of a difficult day, or a healthy, nutritious Edible Garden, to supercharge your home cooking (or a mix of both) – give Jane a call today.

Some of our Basket Gardens and "Cups of Love"

Our Clients Love the Gardens we Create for Them