Recovery Gardens The Healing Power of the Garden

Your Garden is a Beautiful, Calming Healing Space

Our Recovery Gardens are outdoor spaces, that we have specially designed, with carefully selected plants, flowers, herbs water and other natural elements, to support our body, as we holistically recuperate physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you need a peaceful place to rest, recover and enjoy at the end of (or even during) a busy day.

When the tangible physical and mental health benefits of the garden, supports you or a loved one while physically or emotionally recuperating.

So, at Made by Jane, I want to connect you, and those you care about, to all these benefits through my Recovery Gardens – in all formats, big and small – garden makovers, small-space pot gardens and basket gardens.

Our Recovery Gardens support us as we heal physically, mentally & emotionally

Over the years, I have come to truly value the healing powers of plants and the natural world.

Gardens provide handy access to that oxygen-rich air, those edible nutrients and essential oils that plants provide.

Simple personal garden spaces can effectively support your body in loads of physical and emotional ways.

We need the oxygen they produce, the food the provide us and the healing they give

It’s not just the big traumas that put enormous pressure on our bodies, physically and emotionally. The simple, constant day-to-day stresses, also injure us in subtle ways, over long periods.

A heated argument, a troublesome or sick child, study pressure, worry about money or a loved one’s health.

The wonderful thing about plants is that we need them. We need the oxygen they produce; we need the carbon dioxide they extract; and we need the food they provide us.

Recovery Gardens reduce stress, fear, sadness - and they lower blood pressure

The other, less considered, benefits to our bodies and minds are added bonuses that are just there for the taking!

While we have all experienced the “feel good” effect of sitting in the garden on a sunny spring day, clinical trials actually show that “green care”, or therapy by exposure to plants and gardening, provides beneficial effects for mood and mental health.

One Japanese study showed just looking at plants altered EEG recordings and reduced stress, fear, anger and sadness, as well as reducing blood pressure, pulse rate and muscle tension.

Other studies have shown that therapeutic gardens provide significant benefits for physical healing as well, with faster healing, reduced levels of pain and decreased need for pain medication, plus fewer post-surgical complications.

Recovery Gardens Come in Different Sizes, Designs and Styles


Garden Makeovers

When you need a peaceful place to rest, recover and enjoy at the end of (or even during) a busy day, or supporting you or a loved one while physically or emotionally recuperating.

When your family’s health and wellbeing, is boosted with the addition of nutrient rich, home grown herbs, fruits, vegetables that you pick from your own garden.

We can help return the healing and nourishing power of your garden to your home, with a Garden Makeover – big and small.


Feature Pot and Barrel “Small-Space Gardens”

Just because your balcony, deck, courtyard or patio limits your space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and productive garden space, to enjoy.

Full of diverse flowers, herbs and even healthy and nutritious home grown vegetables.

We design and create your small-space garden to suit you, your life and lifestyle. An easy-to-manage garden, with minimal impact on your home’s existing landscape.


Garden Baskets & Gifts

Ever struggled to find a gift for someone who has everything?

Flowers are lovely, a simple pot plant is a nice thought.

But when you need a gift that is both personal and unique – our “Basket Gardens” are the perfect way to show that special someone, how much they mean.

Our Basket Gardens are living, breathing mini-gardens to enrich any area of the home.

Some of Our Recovery Gardens

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