Small-Space Pot and Barrel Gardens

Even if your space is small.

You deserve a beautiful, calming and productive garden space.

Just because your balcony, deck, courtyard or patio limits your space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and productive garden space, to enjoy.

Full of diverse flowers, herbs and even healthy and nutritious home grown vegetables.

We design and create your small-space garden to suit you, your life and lifestyle. An easy-to-manage garden, with minimal impact on your home’s existing landscape.

So often with a small space, we decorate the area with (often expensive) pots and plants, and wonder why nothing thrives.

We blame ourselves and our over/under watering, over/under feeding, of the sick and dying plants that result.

But it’s not you – it’s just that “small-space gardens” are hard – much, more difficult than traditional in-ground, or raised bed gardens.

We can help return the healing and nourishing power of your garden to your home.

We transform small hard & bare areas, into spectacular biodiverse “small-space” gardens.

Our speciality is transforming hard, bare and dry areas, into spectacular biodiverse, healthy and productive “small-space” gardens, that both calm and stimulate the senses,

Through specially selected design, plant selection, placement and companion planting, we design and create a complete “garden microcosm”, using your existing pots, plus our feature pots and “barrel gardens”.

The end result, is that the plants support each other, creating a dynamic ecosystem, encouraging life and growth – just like a large, diverse, established garden environment – but on a “small-space” scale.

So to enjoy a calming, sensory, Recovery Garden to stimulate the senses and enjoy at the end of a difficult day, or a healthy, nutritious Edible Garden, to supercharge your home cooking (or a mix of both) – give Jane a call today.

Some of our Small-Space Pot Gardens

Our Clients Love the Gardens we Create for Them